21 May 2017

Top 20 free WordPress themes 2017

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Free premium wordpress themes- We offer you an excellent and in some ways the even different list of Free Wordpress templates. They were classified as Premium, but they are free! So, the best responsive and free premium WordPress themes so you can start immediately! You will find here all kinds of topics for the portfolio, magazine, personal blog, music, video, business, etc.

You just need to choose and download a free template you like. However, hurry up, because the developers put up themes for free download for promotional purposes, and the advertising campaign, alas, may end!

While you have not gone deep into the study of free solutions, we want to draw your attention to the fact that in recent years there has been an exponential growth in sales of premium templates. More and more users are switching to premium solutions for the website by choosing adaptive WordPress templates with premium design and features.

The cost of a premium template, as a rule, does not exceed $ 60. For example, the template of the site WordPress, on which you are now, cost us $ 49. More details about it you can read HERE.
It will also be useful for you to see the collection of the best premium adaptive templates of 2016, which we prepared and posted HERE.

Before proceeding to the article, we recommend that you watch our mini video review of premium themes for the magazine and blog:

Returning to free templates, of course, if you are a beginner and just making the first steps in site building, it makes sense to indulge in free solutions before moving on to premium templates.

Free Premium WordPress Themes

This collection has found a huge hail among our readers because the first time we published it in 2016. Here is an updated article, in which we have included the best designs in view of the 2017 trend.

1. Parallax One Free Premium WordPress Themes
Parallax One is a simple and elegant WordPress theme that can be used for any purpose. It comes with a clean and beautiful design, created primarily for content. Stylish theme with a section for the store, smooth scrolling and modern appearance. In general, perfectly customizable WordPress theme.

Download for free

2. Zerif Lite Free Premium WordPress Themes

Zerif Lite - an attractive theme WordPress, developed in a one-page format. It has the basic colours: black and white, but some sections are brighter - light green, yellow or red. The design is generally elegant and classic. An excellent example of the theme of Bootstrap WordPress.

Download for free

3. Gadgetry Free Premium WordPress Themes

Gadgetry is a simple WordPress theme for gadget lovers who can turn your website into a small magazine or personal blog. It has a clean and modern aspect, designed to draw visitors' attention to content.

Download for free

4. RokoPhoto Lite Free Premium WordPress Themes

RokoPhoto Lite - an excellent and catchy WordPress theme, created for photographers. It has a full-width header image and various sections for photos, presented on a white background. Sections are organised by category. Each post has the main image. When you scroll down, it appears with the effect of fading. You will appreciate the simplicity of this Bootstrap WordPress theme, which makes it elegant and stylish.

Download for free

5. Restaurant Theme Free Premium WordPress Themes

Restaurant Theme is a very cool Wordpress theme, which is for restaurants or other places where people eat and drink. The design looks homely. It has light colors - pink, blue and grey, as well as a general friendly atmosphere.

Download for free

6. Point Free Premium WordPress Themes

Point is a simple free Wordpress theme for blogs. It has a minimalist yet modern design, with a white background. It comes with an established rating system, ad slots and several widgets.

Download for free

7. Photography Theme Free Premium WordPress Themes

Photography Theme is an elegant red-black Bootstrap theme for Wordpress. Designed for professional photographers, full of modern functions. The content of each section will have an extinction effect, the home page comes with a good photo slider. The gallery is customizable and supports photo, video, audio and slideshow formats that can be organised as you like.

Download for free

8. Basic Free Premium WordPress Themes

Basic is a minimalist WordPress theme for personal blogs, with clean layout and design. You can use any sidebar and widgets that you want, and embed any messages from social media. The topic has simple and well organised categories and blog posts.

Download for free

9. Alizee Free Premium WordPress Themes

Alizee is a fully responsive Bootstrap WordPress theme with a layout for Pinterest. It has a minimalist design, which is great for a blog. The menu is simple, with orange symbols on a grey background. In addition to the navigation menu and the title image, the rest of the page has a light pink colour. The theme fully supports widgets. In addition, it has a video category for users who want to add videos.

Download for free

10. Virtue Free Premium WordPress Themes

Virtue is a simple and enjoyable Bootstrap WordPress theme for small businesses. It has a clean design on an entirely white background, a slider, widgets, a blog that supports video posts, and an online store. Virtue has an overall elegant appearance. Note!

Download for free

21 March 2016

List of Free Android apk App Launcher themes for Download-2016

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Best Android apk App Launchers to Download

We have already discussed List of android applications in our previous posts and also gives latest news of smartphones that comes as new technology.But now its time to customize you android smart phones screen,styles and your user interface.
There are lot's of Good launchers are available in market but here are the list of most usable and popular free launchers that most people like to use that type of launchers we include in our collection of android free apk launchers.
In the android Smartphones,Launchers are basically used to customize your home screen of android phone , change the grid of installed applications,different styles of open apps,best movements of screen and many other internal changes like changes in the font of you phone,different styles of icons like other operating systems Windows OS or iOS.
All this launchers are already available in Google App store but here you can save your time to find experienced or popular launchers for your smartphones.

Latest List Android launchers and Themes for Free Download

Launcher i6

Launcher i6 is very nice launcher theme with HD wallpapers and icons. This app will change the design of your phone with a better android home screen replacement with gorgeous icons and good new is that it is free.

Size : 7.1 Mb
Installs :
Version : 1.0
Offers : Free
Reviews : 3.8
Operating System : Android
Requires android versions : 2.3 and up
Offered By : FestCalendar

Sky Launcher

Easy and convenient your smartphone with Sky Launcher.
Sky Launcher offers best tools and efficient widgets to save your battery, clean junk files, free up your cache and memory. Sky Launcher is a best launcher that allows you convenient manage your Android phone.

Size : 4.9 Mb
Installs :
Version : 1.7
Reviews : 4.3
Offers : Free
Operating System : Android
Requires android versions : 2.3 and up
Offered By : Launcher & Theme Team


This application is a free android launcher that makes your smartphone more stylish.
Open designated apps and shortcuts with a single flip.
You can assign four apps & shortcuts to each flipper on this app-24 apps & shortcuts in all.
Size : 592 kb
Installs :
Version : 1.3.45
Reviews : 4.4
Offers : Free
Operating System : Android
Requires android versions : 2.3 and up
Offered By : AndCreate

Launcher Lab

Launcher Lab is a way to design your Android phone. You can design home screens and play with elements like wallpaper, widgets, text, shape, image, time, weather, temperature and etc. You can also use various creative themes from people around the world in theme store.
Launcher Lab is way more than a highly customization home screen designer.
Size : 8.6 Mb
Installs :
Version : 2.2
Reviews : 4.2
Offers : Free
Operating System : Android
Requires android versions : 4.0 and up
Offered By : X Apps Team

Flow Home (Beta)

A new type of Android home screen changer, currently in closed beta testing.

Size : 16 Mb
Installs :
Version : beta18
Reviews : 3.8
Requires android versions : 4.0.3 and up
Offered By : Larva Labs
Offers : Free
Operating System : Android
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Honeycomb Launcher

Honeycomb Launcher give best facility to access you any function in only 3 seconds. Call friends, text buddies, launch apps, and toggle system features - all in just 3 seconds.

Size : 4.2 Mb
Installs :
Version : 1.0.6
Offers : Free
Reviews : 4.5
Operating System : Android
Requires android versions : 2.3 and up
Offered By : Launcher Apps

L Launcher – Lollipop Launcher

L Launcher, is the most polished, highly customization Lollipop style launcher; Smooth, Cool, Rich features, NO AD; Bring you the latest and the best Android 5.0 Lollipop experience!

Size : 5.2 Mb
Installs :
Version : 1.9
Offers : Free
Reviews : 4.2
Operating System : Android
Requires android versions : 4.0 and up
Offered By : LL App Group

Hola Launcher - Simple & Fast

Hola Launcher has 90% less size than the normal launchers, such as GO, Apex, Nova etc.Hola Launcher is a fastest launcher in memory By the fast and unique features, Hola launcher give you all the basic features for launcher that you need. And it also provide thousands of themes, wallpapers and fonts for your personalization usage.

Size : 1.8 Mb
Installs :
Version : 1.6.4
Reviews : 4.6
Offers : Free
Operating System : Android
Requires android versions : 2.3.3 and up
Offered By : Hola Team

Holo Launcher HD

Simple, powerful, fast and highly customizable home replacement, based on KitKat Launcher.

Size : 1.3 Mb
Installs :
Version : 2.1.1
Offers : Free
Reviews : 4.4
Operating System : Android
Requires android versions : 4.0 and up
Offered By : Mobint Software

Metro UI Launcher 8.1

Metro Launcher now on your Android Device. Manage your home screen in the unique Metro design.

Size : 6.3 Mb
Installs :
Version : 1.9.1
Offers : Free
Reviews : 4.1
Operating System : Android
Requires android versions : 3.0 and up
Offered By : Mobile Software Solutions Knoll e.U.

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27 February 2015

Samsung 'Galaxy S6 Edge' with Leaked Images,Price and Features before launch

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Samsung Galaxy S6 with Best Features and price in India

Before the launching of 'galaxy s6' some features are leaked on Ars Technica website and Its Images are posted on xda developers forum.By the news samasung galaxy s6 has three memory variants 32gb,64gb and 128 gb.With the price of galaxy s6 one best feature comes is wireless charging.One member of Allaboutsamsung website's forum gives the information of wireless charging with stylish metal frame.

Images are given of two galaxy phone "Galaxy S6 Edge" and "Galaxy S6"-One with Conventional Front-Facing and one with Curved Edge.

Price of "Samsung Galaxy S6" and "Galaxy S6 Edge" in India

1. 32 GB Memory : Rs-52800 (May be 749 euro)
2. 64 GB Memory : Rs-59800 (May be 849 euro)
3. 126 GB Memory : Rs-66900 (May be 949 euro)

Price of Galaxy S6 Edge is more than 100 euro of Price of Galaxy S6 in different memory variants.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

A Curved Display could be attractive feature.So that is called "Galaxy S6 Edge" shown in above leaked images.An Edge displays icons and notifications while other items are displayed on main screen like  Note Edge.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 may comes with Metallic body with thin bezel.So we can see that the border of galaxy s6 is almost disappears and because of this feature it look may very attractive.

It May contains "Anti Reflective Display" With "Wireless Charger", "Good Processor", "Big Memory Storage","20 MP Rear Camera" and "4 GB RAM".After watching this we can say that Samsung is going to do some different that no one can do before.
The Promo of Galaxy S6 Edge that posted by T-Mobile that shows Curved Display and Six Retrial tagline.One Open Question is arise that "the Edge of the screen and main screen ,both work independently or work together"? but it is no more.

Samsung is going to announce its new "Samsung Galaxy S6" on Sunday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

24 February 2015

How to download PDF files Ebooks and PPT files from Google in Smart Way

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Easiest Ways to Download PDF files,Ebooks and PPT files from Internet

Generally,Students and other peoples who need some free download pdf file or ppt slides free download for his/her presentation or research topic,they goes on internet means Google and write something like this "PPTs for how to download"  or "PDF for howtodownload".But this is not a correct way to download ppt file and download pdf file from Google.If you search using above methods Google shows you Lots of wrong websites that's not related to your search.But if you use my tips for how to download pdf files and how to download ppt(Power Point Presentation) files ,I sure that save your time in search of pdf and ppt files and gives correct result of your search.
I Gives you both the result of searching ways to download ppt files and download pdf files from your side and from my side.

  • This is Your Way to download PPT files.

  •  This is My Trick to Download PPT Files.

Tips for how to download ppt files

Lets take some Examples to easily understand I choose Some topic to download ppts "nanotechnology ppt download" and "disaster management ppt free download".


Just open www.google.com and write "ppt.nanotechnology" and "ppt.disaster management"

You can see the result of above queries something like this.

download ppt on disaster management

download ppt on nanotechnology

If you want to download ppt on cloud computing then simply write "ppt.cloud computing" and see the result like this..

Tips for Download PDF Files and ebooks.

Don't worry about why cant i download pdf files in short ways that save your lots of time but just write on Google "pdf. your topic name" and you can see the result something like that "[pdf]you topic name".Just click on that links and you can directly download pdf file free from internet.

Generally people use hard copies of book for reading.But now a days with more technologies you can read book anytime anywhere using your laptops,smartphone and tablets with the pdf files called ebook.If you want to ebooks free download pdf without wasting your times i gives you best tips for How to download ebooks for free like above.

Just Open Google and write there "ebook. cloud computing" and result shown like below.

So,connect with us and we always gives you new ideas like How to download PDF files Ebooks and PPT files from Google in Smart Way and many more..

Gadget : Samsung Galaxy S6 with Best Features and price in India

16 February 2015

INTEX Launched First Android Smart Phone with LOLLIPOP OS

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Intex Aqua-L First Android Smart Phone by INTEX Company

The Indian Smartphone maker company Intex launched its first android phone with Latest Lollipop Operating System of Google. Intex Gives name of that phone is "INTEX AQUA STAR-L" and launched in two colors BLACK and WHITE in just Rs-6990. Intex company started it's selling in snapdeal website from 16th February 2015.

This Intext Aqua Star-L is a first android with Lollipop OS by Indian Brand.Today so far,Lollipop updates comes in Android One series,Motorola series.Similarly, XOLO Company gives its smartphones with Lollipop Updates.

Features of Intext Aqua Star-L Smartphone

This smartphone contains 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor with 1 GB RAM. Intext Aqua Star-L Gives 8GB Internal Memory and external memory can be expanded upto 32GB. It contains 8MP rear Camera with Flash Light and 2MP front camera for Selfy and video calling.

This Aqua Star-L also Contains 3g,GPRS,Wi-Fi,Micro USB,Bluetooth and 2000 mAh Battery with 130 gram weight. Intext Company Can not give information about talk time and stand-by  of battery.

Gadget : Samsung Galaxy S6 with Best Features and price in India

Technical Specification of Intex Aqua Star-L(Black/White)

General Specification
Model Aqua Star L
Screen Type Touch
Call Features Call Waiting, Call Forwarding
2G Network Yes
3G Network Yes
Software Specification
Operating Frequency GSM900/1800,WCDMA 2100MHz
Processor 1.3 GHz Quad Core
OS Version Android Lollipop 5.0

Display Specification
Size 5 Inches
Resolution 854 X 480 Pixels

Camera Specification
Primary Camera 8 MP
Secondary Camera 2 MP
Video Recording Yes
HD Recording No
Zoom Yes

Connectivity Specification
3G Yes
Wifi Yes
USB Connectivity Yes
Bluetooth Yes

Storage Specification
Internal memory 8 GB
External memory Upto 32 GB

Multimedia Specification
Video Yes
Audio Yes
FM Yes

Dimensions Specification
Size 141 X 72.9 X 8mm
Weight 130 gm

Battery Specification
Type 2000 mAh
Talk Time 5 hrs
Standby Time 220 hrs

You Can Buy This Smartphone from Snapdeal Site-Click Here.
Thanks for being with INTEX Launched First Android Smart Phone with LOLLIPOP OS .

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