18 December 2014

Download Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus

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Generally, in the peoples question arises about how to download antivirus like microsoft security essentials,windows defenders etc. who have the problems about antivirus or junk files or automatic installation of unwanted programs or corrupt files etc..in his/her computer or laptops.

This antivirus is a free to use and provided by Microsoft Company.My point of view this antivirus is best for use and protect very well your computers or laptops.

When,no one antivirus software installed in your computer your laptop's action center gives you a notifilaction that look like below image, clicking on "Find antivirus program online" you can redirect to official microsoft antivirus website.

find antivirus online

After clicking on find antivirus online your page look like below and select your operating system.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus

Then find your security essentials antivirus from given list an download it.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus


Second way to directly download micrsoft security essential antivirus is to search in google with your antivirus keyword or clicking on below link you can directly redirect on microsoft website.

Direct downloading link Click Here

Download Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus

click on download button and enjoy your security.

if you can not find any software to download you can freely contact me and i will help you to find that.


  1. I think antivirus must install for any internet connected machine. I have a Android Tablet and I'm using paid anti virus which i think give good performance than other.

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    1. Yes dear,,you are absolutely right but i am telling PC/Laptop antivirus..

    2. We don't speak here about android antivirus, my dear Nancy. MSE is not the best one for such viruses as palikan for example (you can find more about it here http://removalbits.com/how-to-remove-palikan-search-browser-hijacker-from-google-chrome-mozilla-firefox-and-internet-explorer/). MSE can't help in such cases.


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