04 January 2015

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in January 2015

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Free Photography Android apps in 2015

Android photo editing apps are very useful now a days for who love photography and wish to play with photos.All this apps gives you best photo editor tools by which wake up your inner creator and make creative images.

Every android phone user are waiting for new and updated photo editor apps in 2015.Hence there is a list of new released photography android applications.So,use this android apps and create your creative world.


1. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt android application is the one of the world's largest downloaded android application and it is on the top position in photography android apps in january 2015.It is a free application and no need to andvance photoshop knowledge or any training.It converts your smartphone photos like art and contains smart tools like as photoshop.


Features of PicsArt Photo Studio:

  • Contains world's largest image galleries.
  • Hundreds of photo customization tools.
  • Many other improvements and error fixes.
Download PicsArt Photo Studio

2. Retrica

Retrica android application is a camera apps with live preview of your taken photos called real-time filter.It contains 100+ filters,watermarks,photo collages,Blur effects,social network sharing.This application reviewed in "best 20 android apps of this week" in Photo editor apps in january 2015.


This application is total 3 million downloaded with average 4.3 rating and over 2 million with 5 rating.

Download Retrica Application

3. Photo Editor Pro

Photo editor pro application is most used photo editior android application with many anforgotable effects and it is a very fast effective application.It have many good features like image filters,stickers,color effects,and many more.

Photo Editor Pro

This application is total downloaded in 7 lakh with 4.2 star rating and 4 lakh with 5 star rating.

Download Photo Editor Pro Application

4. Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo editior by aviary is simple camara editing application and much use in USA.It is very useful application that you could want to edit photos in your android phones.

Photo Editor by Aviary

This application contains nice features than other applications like overlays,vignette,color and lighting.This application downloaded around 1 million with 4.4 rating and 819,119 with 5 star rating.

5. Photo Frames : Hoarding

Photo Frames android application is a photo editing application on android market with around one million downloads.It contains quality hoarding frames,good user interface,no need internet connection,image roating,use image as wallpapers.
Photo Frames Hoarding

6. Photo Background Changer/Erase

Photo background changer/erase android application is image background changer application in android for changing background of your own image or erase any part of your photos.This is the most suitable android application for photography in january 2015.

Background Changer

7. Police suit

Police suit android application is for police lovers to see your self in different police dress.It contains more than 30 police dresses that is dream of someone.This free photo editing app for android is used to change your dressing style.

Police Suit

8. Photo Grid-Collage Maker

The photo grid-collage maker android application is give meaning of application from name of application itself.This application is used for collecting and decorating many photos in one frame and sharing it with friends or family.This photo editor free android application contains best features like photo-editor,Scrapbook,video-sildes,templates and many more.

Photo Grid

9. Mirror Photo-Editor and Collage

The Mirror photo-editor and collage application is used for creating reflection images of your original photos and also used to make photo collages.Also this photography android application contains hundreds of grids and split templates.

Mirror Photo Editor

10. Natural Photo Frames HD

The natural photo frames HD is an android photo editor application ,that is used for changing your background with natural images and beautiful decoration and natural photos.

Natural Photo Frames

This application have a less download but growth speedly so don't wait and
Hope you like this list of best free photo editor android apps to make your beautiful photos.


  1. Sun Strategy is an amazingly powerful Sun / Moon ephemeris, surveyor, planning and weather tool for photographers. Get the direction the Sun and Moon will be for any given date, any given time, at any location on an easy to use map.


    1. mr. Grant Jones thanks for sharing app...we will try your app and gives best reviews...!

  2. Great post, This is very useful to all. PicsArt Photo Studio is my favorite. I also using it. I needs Neck Joint Service related phot editing tools. can you help me?

  3. Wow! Very nice post on image editing apps. It helped me a lot for Clipping Path Service .

  4. Wow! Very nice post on image editing apps. It helped me a lot for Clipping Path Service .


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